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About Pélō

The Pélō Network is an online community of regenerators that are learning to nurture the wild by first becoming a member of her world. Inside Pélō we are nuturing being through community collaboration and discusions, intensive online courses, exclusive videos, private events and webinars with leaders from around the world, private-access book clubs, and so much more.

Pélō & The Problem

We labor through the common period of our lives accepting the bifurcation of Mother Earth's values and systems: human is human; wild is wild. This denusion of her virtue casts humanity as a cultivator of abundance and not the co-creator of her abundance itself.

While the Latin root of cultivation is cultivō, meaning “to till” or “to move” or “to toil over,” its Greek foundation knew better. πέλω, or pélō, is cultivation’s cognate and it means “to be” or “to become.” Isn’t that what it means to regenerate? To become life itself? To uncultivate means to loosen Latin’s control; to forgo our Cartesian masters; it means to be up to your waist in the consuming confluence where curiosity meets the transformative powers of being, of rising, of standing still and letting the elastic powers of breath fill and saturate your lungs with nothing—and with everything—of communing with that within us and around us and us ourselves.

Pélō is this becoming. Will you join with us?

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